Stills and sequences of two creative music video projects I’ve been working on for the past few months—“Tick-Tock” & “Say What You Wanna Say” by sympL from his recent album Rogue Vessel
“[A] stop on Full Blast Summer Tour was essentially opening for Lethal Weekend in Hampton Beach, NH. Our idea was to do a time-lapse kinda thing. We found an area of beach right on the main road that was closed for what looked like some kind of clean-up effort. The sands were closed so it gave us mostly unobstructed shots of the water. 
As night fell, trucks pulled into the area of beach and set up equipment - running lines of cable and carrying boxes across the sand. The spot we picked to film also happened to be where the town closed out their tourist season with a big fireworks display. I didn’t see most of the show until almost a month later watching the footage. I saw some of the moments that were captured & loved the synchronicity of everything. 
That night we slept in the truck and woke up just before dawn to catch the last shot - sunrise over the Atlantic.” -sympL

I really enjoy the process from beginning to end, playing around with imagery, movement, transitions, and color. It’s an ever learning and evolving experience. A multi-faceted puzzle, an abstract moving picture filled with colorful and creative stills and visuals.
Click video titles for links to original creative music video for “Tick-Tock” and “Say What You Wanna Say” 

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