Watch the being.
As it changes,
As it becomes,
As it thinks and feels its​​​​​​​
Every expression.

Express, express, express..
For that's the glory of us all.
All is one.
Evolution (2021)
Here’s Evolution a digital abstract, expressionistic scene of a being evolving through diverse energies.
We are matter mashed up by energy. Everything is everything. All having its diverse expression and purpose. We have the power to invent and reinvent ourselves in all ways if only we know ourselves enough to do it. 
Nothing is impossible.
Use this and all art, colors and symbols of nature and life as sigils for our subconscious manifestation. That’s why they are there for. May we evolve to our higher selves. 


Evolution is now on my #Threadless shop finally…
I also got sticker prints ranging from 8.5x11 for $10 and 4.6x5.8 for $5…

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